Our Programs


Toddler Program (ages 18 months to 30 months)
Staff/Child ratio 1:5

Our toddler program offers a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences through sensory exploration, creative play, and individual and group activities. The goal is to provide a safe learning environment where the children can stimulate their emerging social skills, language and communication skills and fine and gross motor skills.

The teachers role in the toddler room is to provide the opportunity for the children to freely express their interests, explore with toys and equipment indoors and outdoors, set up sensory experiences for them, and guide them through learning how to problem solve. The toddler teachers will observe your child’s learning so they can expand on it and plan for their next steps and milestones. They do this on a daily basis by interacting and talking to the children, listening and watching them during their play.

Children will enjoy circle time, singing and dancing to music, listening to story time and interactive stories, and using their imaginations through creative art experiences. Every day, the children will spend time outdoors in the playground or enjoying a neighbourhood walk. Through outdoor play, the children will be playing games, exercising using their small and large muscles, learning skills such as; jumping, hopping, throwing/catching balls, and balance.

Self-help skills are extremely important at this age. The teachers will be teaching the children how to put on their shoes and coats, how to manage using their forks and spoons during meal times, and how to tidy up the toys when they are all finished playing.

We thrive on open communication with the families at Learning Together Childcare by providing them with updates and pictures throughout the day through our REMIND app. Families of the toddler children will also receive a daily report that describes the child’s day and any important information to relay to them.