Our Programs


Preschool Program (ages 30 months to 5 years)
Staff/Child ratio 1:8

As children become Preschool age and continue through the preschool years, their worlds begin to open up. They will want to explore their surroundings, and ask many questions about what is “unknown” to them. They will become independent and want to learn more about the people and things around them.

Through their exploration with objects and experiences in the classroom, the children will learn many skills and reach specific developmental milestones. These skills will be the foundation and beginning stages of learning before heading into Kindergarten.
Learning Together Childcare has a similar Play to Learn Philosophy as the Ministry of Education has implemented into the Full Day Kindergarten programs. This offers our children consistency in their learning and makes for an easier transition.

We provide opportunities for children to creatively express themselves in a variety of ways. We offer an academic play-based learning environment for the children to retain new information and to explore. A positive learning environment is essential to the success of each child. We value every child as an individual and treat them with respect.

We value the importance of planning, exploration and reflection. The children are encouraged to make a conscious decision of what they would like to do during program planned activity time. The children are free to choose from the classroom materials and how they would like to use them. Staff ensure that children have a variety of materials to use that reflects the child’s interest. Staff will use open ended questions to aid in the children’s problem solving and enhance their creative ability. Our educators facilitate by encouraging cooperation, social interaction, and extension learning by asking lots of questions to further the child’s experiences. Each educator connects with the children to build trust and make them feel safe and secure when they are in our care. They do this by making themselves available to them at all times, being responsive to the children’s needs, and being caring, respectful and sensitive to each and every child. In reflection the children and parents will be able to see pictures and anecdotal notes of children learning and exploring. These will be posted around the centre to document and reflect on the children’s learning.

During our daily play the children will be engaged in story time, singing songs, music and movement. There are many opportunities for the children to use their creativity to draw a picture or create art with different materials that are available to them, The children’s learning is extended to the outdoors by bringing materials from the classroom outside to extend their learning even further. Children will be taking community walking excursions to learn about their neighbourhoods and we have many special visitors and programs come to the centre to extend the children’s gross motor activities (Yoga, Zumba, Sports etc.) When the weather does not allow us our outdoor time alternative activities will be provided for the children.