About Us

Learning Together Childcare believes in focusing on the development of the ‘Whole’ child. We have created an environment and program with a goal to maximize every child’s full potential in all aspects of their development. Our knowledgeable and nurturing staff understands that each child is an individual and through our programming we provide an enriched, safe and creative environment for them. Play provides the foundation for success. Learning Together Childcare and our staff demonstrates the values of respect for diversity, equity and inclusion by actively promoting the engagement of all children and their families.

We believe in a play based learning philosophy and emergent curriculum program. Through this philosophy children choose activities to engage in that are based on their current interests at the time. Throughout these play based activities our teachers facilitate by encouraging cooperation, social interaction, and extension learning by asking lots of questions to further the child’s experiences. Our emergent curriculum is planned by observing what the children are interested in, lots of classroom discussions, and creative brainstorming. This allows the children’s experiences and learning to grow in many different creative directions.

The benefits of emergent curriculum is that it ensures that:
-children’s interests are the base of their development,
-each child can express their uniqueness and individuality,
-the curriculum is an extension of the children’s family life and celebrates the diversity of all families,
-it encourages parental involvement

In order for children to become happy, self-confident members of society, they must learn to deal successfully with interpersonal problems. This involves learning self-discipline and inner control as well as positive and constructive ways to problem-solve. As such, it is the role of the staff to support a child’s sense of self-worth while providing opportunities for the child to learn appropriate ways to interact with others. The staff will act as positive role-models, setting clear limits and expectations for the children. They will also provide experiences for the children that are free of bias and stereotypes. The staff will be guided by their knowledge and understanding of child development, as well as their recognition of the individual needs and personality of the child.

Staff members are the people you will see daily, having a direct relationship with you and your child. Each staff member has your child’s best interest at heart. Our ratio of adult to child is within the guidelines of the Day Nurseries Act. Learning Together Childcare is staffed by qualified ECE’s who are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators.


Healthy meals and snacks are important for the children at Learning Together Childcare. Children have small stomachs and need to eat often during the day to make sure they get all the nutrition they need to grow, learn and play.

Learning Together Childcare has all of our meals and snacks cooked daily in the child care centre. Our menu includes diverse nutrients young children need. Our food consists of whole grain products, all homemade food, Trans-fat free, multicultural meal choices, and they receive their products locally.

Our menus are planned and run on a four week schedule in accordance with the Canada’s Food Guide.

We offer a variety of different foods for lunch on a four week rotating schedule which consists of two servings of vegetables/fruits, one serving of meat/alternatives, one serving of grain products and one serving of milk products.

Children with special diets are accommodated and substitutions are provided. Menu plans are adapted with appropriate and varied substitutions to accommodate children with special diets due to allergies, intolerances, special needs, medical needs or observances

The hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm